What is My World Survey 2?

Developed by UCD School of Psychology and Jigsaw, My World Survey 2 is Ireland’s largest and most comprehensive study of young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

It captures the views of more than 19,000 young people from across Ireland to understand what can lead to an increased risk of mental health difficulties, and what can help to protect and support a young person’s mental health and wellbeing.

It builds on the findings of My World Survey 1, the first ever survey of its kind in Ireland, published in 2012.

Why is young people's mental health a big issue for Ireland?

A Big Issue


A third of Ireland’s population, 1.6 million people, is under 25 years old.


Mental health difficulties cost Ireland’s economy €8.2 billion a year.

Mental health difficulties can influence a young person’s cognitive, emotional and social development, educational attainment and their potential to live a healthy and productive life.

Adolescence and early adulthood have been identified as the peak time for the onset of mental health difficulties. Despite this, many young people do not get support at this critical time. This has been described as a “crisis in care” internationally.

Why is this research important?

Understanding what supports and challenges young people’s mental health, and what works best to help them, is vital in helping us to identify what prevents mental health difficulties and what improves outcomes.

Since My World Survey 1 was published in 2012, its findings have been used to inform the development of both practice and policy in Ireland.

Recently, the Irish Youth Mental Health Task Force (2017) recommended ongoing support for large-scale projects that can improve the quality of research on youth mental health issues, such as the My World Survey.

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Who took part?

Over 19,000 young people
from across Ireland, including:


Adolescents from 83 second-level schools randomly selected from the Department of Education and Skills database.


Young adults from Irish universities and Institutes of Technology, and who were employed.


Young people from Youthreach, (N = 314),
Colleges of Further Education (CFE)/community training (N = 292),
and young people with a physical disability (N = 52).

About us

University College Dublin (UCD) School of Psychology, & Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health.

UCD School of Psychology

University College Dublin is one of Europe's leading research-intensive universities, where a comprehensive suite of strong disciplines forms the foundation of high quality interdisciplinary research, scholarship and innovation. UCD is ranked within the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide. The School of Psychology is part of UCD College of Social Sciences and Law and a leading Irish centre for research, teaching and professional training in psychology, ranking in the top 200 psychology departments in the world.

The UCD School of Psychology houses UCD’s Youth Mental Health Lab (YMH lab), @YMHlabUCD, which was established in 2013 by Prof. Barbara Dooley, Associate Prof. Amanda Fitzgerald and Prof. Eilis Hennessy to promote research in youth mental health.  The lab comprises a group of 26 faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students engaged in research relating to youth mental health. Adjunct Professors involved in the lab include Adjunct Professor Tony Bates, Founder and former CEO of Jigsaw, and Adjunct Professor Aileen O Reilly, Research Manager in Jigsaw. A key partner of the YMH Lab is Jigsaw, The National Centre for Youth Mental Health.



Jigsaw is a charity that provides a range of free mental health supports for young people.

We believe in evidence-informed early intervention. We work with young people (age 12-25) when problems start to develop in an effort to prevent these problems from having a greater effect on the young person’s wellbeing and everyday life.

Our supports include our Jigsaw services situated in 13 communities across Ireland, online through JigsawOnline.ie, and a comprehensive programme of education and training for parents, teachers and those who work with young people.

Our vision is an Ireland where every young person’s mental health is valued and supported.


Meet the team

behind My World Survey 2

Prof. Barbara Dooley

Professor Barbara Dooley

Dean of Graduate Studies & Deputy Registrar
UCD School of Psychology

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Prof. Amanda Fitzgerald

Assoc. Professor Amanda Fitzgerald

Associate Professor
UCD School of Psychology Connect

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Cloídhna O'Connor

Dr Clíodhna O'Connor

Postdoctoral Researcher
UCD School of Psychology

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Aileen O'Reilly

Dr Aileen O’Reilly

Research Manager
UCD School of Psychology & Jigsaw

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